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[closed] Looking for a job that kicks I-O-S?

Hey there. You surfed to this page so you must be looking for a job that kicks i-o-s. Well, it’s your lucky day :-). We can offer you just that and even more. We only need 90 seconds of your precious time to convince you. Tick. tock. Here goes!

We’re looking for a full-time iOS developer that will be incremental in creating our cutting-edge app. You can be at the very start of a product that has a big chance of becoming the number 1 app for our target group. We can take one big overlooked industry by storm if we execute properly. Sounds pretty stealthy, right?

Interested? This is what we look for:

– Love for iOS
– Skilled in Swift and Swift 3
– rest-API
– Analytical mindset
– Collaborate with our designers
– Able to clearly communicate your solutions
– Deliver exceptional and readable code
– Genuinely enjoy your craft
– Take initiative

Maja Palchevska

Maja Palchevska

Senior HR Manager in Personal Programmer. Responsible for coordination, administration and management of the hiring and recruitment process. Helping employees with career development and building a work environment where they feel satisfied and motivated.

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