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Interview with Wietse Hagoort from GoBright

Our client is looking for a Front-End Developer. Their product is one of the most impactful inventions for modern business. Especially after COVID-19.

Parts of the Interview:

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The Interview:

Questions About The Company

Wietse Hagoort

When was the company founded?

The company was founded in 2016


Why was it founded / what is your vision?

GoBright was founded to create better experiences for people working in larger offices, mainly around how they arrange meetings, and how they work with flexible workspaces.

How many employees work there currently?



How many are developers?


Questions About The Product

What does the GoBright platform do?

The GoBright platform gives tools for arranging and optimizing meetings & work in offices, and facilitate internal communication via screens.
Over de years we have developed this into the concepts:

  • Meet: arranging meetings (meeting rooms, catering, measuring occupancy, etc)
  • Work: management of flexible workspaces (booking desks, measuring occupancy, etc)
  • Visit: digital registration of visitors
  • View: digital communication via screens (digital signage)


How did the idea for the GoBright platform arise?

We recognized the struggle of many organization to be able to book meetingrooms, and optimize efficiency around managing meetings and meetingrooms. So that’s where it started, from there we added lots of new features, like sensors, floorplans, and even build our own piece of hardware.


What makes it unique?

The uniqueness is that we offer a complete set of functionality, so not only booking of rooms, but also other elements like visitor registration, etc.


How did COVID-19 affect the business?

First COVID made the world shake, but now it accelerates our business, because hybrid working is being implemented world wide at a high pace.


GoBright Smart Office(1)

Questions About Being The CEO


What’s it like to be the CEO of GoBright?

Never a dull moment! As we are a product focused company, we manage every aspect of the product, from developing it to also selling and implementing it. This is an ongoing process, which we continuously improve, in which I facilitate the teams.


What was your biggest achievement?

Reaching the point that global enterprises buy our platform.


What was your biggest challenge?

We are growing roughly 40-50% a year, that’s a challenge, mainly to attract talent to build the team!



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Questions About the Macedonian Team

How do the Dutch employees see their Macedonian colleagues?

As their direct colleagues.


What is your vision for the Macedonian team?

We want to build a team in Macedonian and in The Netherlands, which grows together, I see the Macedonian team grow at least as quick as the team in NL.


What is it like working with Macedonian colleagues?

Great, they are hardworking, smart people, but also nice people!


Are there opportunities for advancement or professional growth for a developer in GoBright?

Because we grow this quickly there are several ways to grow along, we have technical advancements (handling the ever growing scale, large new features, IoT devices) and because the team grows this also gives possibility for coordination, etc.


Miscellaneous Questions

Have you ever been to Skopje?

Unfortunately not, we started with the Macedonian team in COVID, and therefore it was not yet possible to visit Skopje. But we will!


What is your favorite movie?

Pulp Fiction, although it was a long time ago I’ve seen that movie :) .


What is your favorite hobby?

Riding racing bike and mountain biking with friends


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