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Ten years ago we wanted to make a change in the outsourcing world. We didn’t like it one bit back then: it was shady, short term minded, and resulting in a lot of unhappy companies and developers. Which was a shame because there was so much potential for Macedonian developers to work for international companies and for those companies to get access to such amount of talent. How could we do it differently? The answer was simple:

Crush the short term mentality (quick bucks, no recurring business needed), and strive for long term collaborations only.

Long term collaborations are only successful when every person in it is happy and satisfied. This pushes everyone to bring their best to get the most out of the business relationship.

We need trust, transparency, loyalty and unifying goals.

In those ten years, we have tried to perfect those ingredients into a service we now provide as a company.

first offices 2012 personal programmer

We are the third party: the glue to the parts; the advisors on the sidelines; the problem solvers of problems; and the coaches in the dressing room. We are here and we help out: the clients, the developers, the collaboration.


We facilitate the office, the workspace, the hardware, but we are also advising both parties on how to reach their goals and help them in important negotiations (about pay raises, work from home / office, holidays, courses, etc.)

  • We do team building events, and Friday afternoon drinks.
  • We stand up for people that need some extra help, and give freedom and flexibility where needed.
  • We take care of all the business stuff on the Macedonian side, salaries, taxes, administration.
  • We search for talent in Macedonia, and for top clients worldwide. People that work well together and fit the long term mindset.

But most important we do all that we do with a tight team of like minded people that are striving for a win-win in every situation.

Our Team

We are a small team, doing big things. Our current team manages everything we do, and we take our job very seriously. We have a flexible hierarchical structure, no loans in banks or investors that call the shots. This gives us unlimited freedom in running the company the way we want, and trying to stand out. Everybody has their own specialization but we help each other out with tasks whenever necessary.

In the meantime, we try to have as much fun as possible and we get great satisfaction from running this company together. We are never stationary and always moving towards what we like to do, and how we can contribute to the clients and developers in the best way possible. This means we are very approachable and always open to new ideas to make the collaboration better every day.

Martin Toskov

CEO / Co-founder

kevin baker
Kevin Baker

CMO / Co-founder

kristina ilievska kapsarova
Kristina Ilievska Kapsarova
jasmina dimovska ilievska
Jasmina Dimoska Ilievska
Head of Recruitment
Maja Palcevska
Maja Palcevska
Recruitment & HR Manager
lina gosheva

The place to be for everything “work”, well… we know that ain’t true after working from home so much the last couple of years. But what can an office bring extra to our clients and developers.

We asked them of course, and the answers were simple: collaborating efficiently, more privacy to concentrate, better conference rooms to discuss, a separate place to meet and hang out. Also: location needs to be easily reachable with the ability to walk outside and have lunch places in close proximity. The “old” office couldn’t live up to those expectations, but the new one sure does. Take a quick look at how it all turned out!