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Michiel is a person very dedicated to the job. As an experienced developer with knowledge of various technologies, he is always there to lend a hand and offer guidance. As a manager on the other hand, he listens to suggestions from the team and understands developer woes.


Michiel is a developer at heart, and a great one at that. His feedback is often direct but almost always results in some kind of experience or knowledge gain. He’s also a team player, meaning he has no problem accepting or hearing out different opinions/solutions, basically whatever gets the job done in the best possible way. Personally I find those traits great to have in any teammate, but especially in the people in charge. Working on his team has been great so far for my professional growth.


I’ve been working with Michiel for about 3 years now. He is a highly skilled engineer, passionate about software and committed to delivering high-quality solutions. With his experience and versatile technology knowledge, he really helped me grow as a developer and improve my skills.

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