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Michiel is a person very dedicated to the job. As an experienced developer with knowledge of various technologies, he is always there to lend a hand and offer guidance. As a manager on the other hand, he listens to suggestions from the team and understands developer woes.


Michiel is a developer at heart, and a great one at that. His feedback is often direct but almost always results in some kind of experience or knowledge gain. He’s also a team player, meaning he has no problem accepting or hearing out different opinions/solutions, basically whatever gets the job done in the best possible way. Personally I find those traits great to have in any teammate, but especially in the people in charge. Working on his team has been great so far for my professional growth.


I’ve been working with Michiel for about 3 years now. He is a highly skilled engineer, passionate about software and committed to delivering high-quality solutions. With his experience and versatile technology knowledge, he really helped me grow as a developer and improve my skills.


As one among the first and oldest in the team, I got the privilege to answer some questions and write small testimonial about the work in Personal Programmer. So guys, thank you for the chance to express myself and the opportunity to work in the team that we build together.

Ever since I joined Personal Programmer there has been a pleasant working environment. The team is constantly growing, but the spirit is only getting stronger. This is something that the owners pay special attention to. The management is not caring only on finding a developer for client in Netherlands, but they care more on finding developer that is positive as a person is a best fit in for the team in Macedonia.

This is something that depends on both sides – developers and the client. At first I was skeptical about doing things in distance, but since the beginning I was proved wrong. I have daily communication with my client and we have excellent understanding about everything. They accepted me as part of their team and are open for suggestions all the time. From the communication with the other developers I know that the communication between them and their clients is great, but I’ll leave that to their testimonial.

We have two offices which are great and have their own positive sides.
One office is in the center of Skopje and surrounded with lot of places where you can go for the break. Best coffee shops and places to eat are in max 5 min walking distance. The other office has modern design furniture and is a futuristic space. It is in a quieter surrounding, but again in a close distance to many important facilities. The strongest side for this office is that it is in 3 min walking distance from my home. This way I save money and time to travel to work. Joke aside, the intention of the management of Personal Programmer is to open offices in the largest parts of the city so the developers can spend as little time to go to and from work. Even though we have two offices in separate parts of the city, we have the choice to pick where we want to work. This freedom we have only adds on the team-spirit and collaboration between the developers that work for Personal Programmer.


I’ve been working in Personal Programmer since November 2013 and I have to say that this is a company where I felt a real professionalism from one side, and modern working environment and respect to the employees from other side. As an engineer of informatics I love to do a lot of research and use the latest technologies and environments for the products I create, which is what I do in Personal Programmer on a daily basis. I think that when a developer is given enough space to express himself, then magic happens.

I cannot say that the communication is easy when your team or client is thousands of kilometers away from you but we do our best to build strong relationship and bring our ideas to reality. I have to say that the team members from Holland are very collaborative and ready to share ideas, and together we come up with great solutions for the projects we build.

We have a great offices, great working environment, great colleagues, and the working day is filled only with positive energy which is one of the biggest contributors of raising the productivity and the quality of the work.

It’s great when you work for a company that actually has spirit, and you feel elevated knowing that you work on worldwide used products.


The communication is straightforward and open. My every suggestion is seriously considered and I have the feeling that I’m part of the decision making process and that somehow I contribute to the way the software is developed which for me is important because it brings me a feeling of ownership and pride in my work.

The atmosphere in the office is great and its something that I highly value. The office space itself is beautifull and the colleagues are one of the nicest people you could meet.


Web development is one of my most important part of my life and in Personal Programmer I can have fun while programming. Between too many positive colleagues how I’ll feel? Its great! Jokes, changing experience, self motivation… , in two words BEST MOMENTS!

Personal Programmer is a very dynamic, reliable and dream company for all developers who need to feel free, stable, secure and protected. Without hesitation I can say that experience in Personal Programmer is one of the best I have ever had.


I’ve been working in Personal Programmer since november 2015.  It is very motivating to be appreciated as an essential member of the team,
acknowledged for the efforts to get the job done while given the best support for continued personal and professional development.

The communication with the client is excellent, I believe we have very effective meetings. We have a good working environment and a nice atmosphere at the office with a group of young positive people.


I’ve been working for Personal Programmer since 2014. I was fascinated from the humanity and personality of the people who are the backbone of the company.

I communicated with the client so close, we consider each other as colleagues working together to achieve a common goal, not as a client/service provider. I used to like it a lot, then management asked how can they improve the atmosphere, and after they implemented our suggestions, now I simply adore it.

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