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What we do

So how do we become the most fun place to work and be the number one employer in the IT section in Macedonia? Simple, by listening to the market and the programmers who already joined us. How we can improve and make things better. We are working on that every single day. Personal Programmer is a small company with big ambitions. That mentality is what we look for in the people we work with.

How we make everyone happy


Who does what?

What is our role in this?

The graph above shows that we connect programmers to clients and advise both parties. You choose your own client (and they choose you). We advise client and programmer about employee related stuff like salary (and salary raises), but also we are there to make sure communication is going well. We are always there when you need a helping hand. We make sure your working space is as optimal as can be. With a working station, good internet, great coffee (or tea) and most importantly a great atmosphere in the office you work in every day.

What is your role?

To do what you love, programming. Working for a client you selected, making a career at their company (from our office), improving your skills, getting more experience and going up in salary while doing so. It is all we ask of you. And let’s not forget, help us to become the number one employer in IT in Macedonia.

The Steps

When a client joins Personal Programmer we look for a programmer that is the best fit. We search in our database, where we keep a selection of the people that send us their CV, and we place the job offer on our website. When the candidate expresses their interest we send his or her CV to the client and start the selection process. In this process you will have a Skype meeting with the client to get to know each other and where they will explain more about their company. If both parties are interested we can test your skills in a small testcase. After that we go and sit down and discuss contracts.

From there on you will be a part of our ‘family’ and start or resume your career in programming!

So what to do next?

Do you want to be a part of Personal Programmer? Then hit the button, fill out the form and send us your CV!

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