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[closed] Apache CloudStack (Java) dev

Who we are

Our company offers a competitively priced range of quality hosting services since the year 2004. A regular, 250 megabyte, Shared Webhosting product would set you back around 10 euro’s a month.

We set a new pace at the time, by offering these services for a groundbreaking 1 euro a month. Anno 2016 we still stick to the philosophy of adding as much value as possible for our competitively priced products.

We have build up a solid base of over 45.000 satisfied customers in the last decade, registered around 80.000 domain names and we host over 100.000 websites within our infrastructures. Cool figures, but what matters the most is the large group of loyal customers who, after 10 years, are still with us today.

What are your activities?

* Join the Apache CloudStack community on behalf of us
* Adding features to CloudStack
* Solving bugs in Apache CloudStack

For our cloud computing platform, we use Apache CloudStack one of the most challenging open source cloud computing projects at the moment. We are looking for an ambitious individual who together with us and the Apache CloudStack community wants to maintain the project and to develop new functionalities.

You will actively participate in the community and together make sure CloudStack remains stable and is equipped with the latest features we need as a company to put our product successfully in the market.

Who are we looking for?


* You are communicative and social skills and are able to apply it in the form of correct communication with your colleagues.
* You are able to think on a practical level and deploy the issues here into appropriate and user-friendly software.
* Knowledge of the Linux operating system and web applications on related software for this platform is an advantage. We are an open source and Linux-oriented business.
* Knowledge of virtualization and network protocols such as TCP, UDP and IP are preferred.


* Experience with talking to and building APIs in JSON RPC, XML RPC is an advantage.
* You have extensive experience with the HTTP protocol
* You have experience with writing code in Java and Python, experience with the Spring Framework is an advantage.
* You will need to work with other developers on Github. You should be familiar with this platform.
* CloudStack uses KVM, libvirt and other standard tooling for virtualization. Experience with these is an advantage.
* Experience with Apache Tomcat is an advantage.
* All of our version maintenance is through Git, you have to have at least a reasonable experience with this.
* You have extensive experience working with (MySQL) databases. In addition, you must have knowledge or experience with database abstraction layers.