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Join us now and become part of a small group of people trying to do big things.


About Personal Programmer

We are a nearshoring company that strives to be the most fun place to work in the IT-sector of Macedonia. Where every programmer is part of our family, doing work they love for international companies. Working from small offices around Skopje who each have a start-up atmosphere. We want to be the place our programmers envisioned they would end up working.

Logo Short

In 2009 Personal Programmer was founded by two entrepeneurs who saw a shortage of programmers all around the world. With one of the two being a Macedonian native they had experienced the quality of Macedonian programmers and sought to connect this quality to companies who can’t find programmers in their own country. Click below to read more about us or check out our offices!

Why us?

So why would you consider becoming the next member of our team?



At Personal Programmer you get a full time contract working for a client you select. Not different clients but just one. This way you can be part of a great company which you will visit to meet their team and make it more personal.


You and the client discuss all work and employment related things. We advise both parties and make things official. We are always at your side to help you build your career, because at Personal Programmer you are in control.



We have small offices each of max 30 people all around Skopje. Every office is a family. The working atmosphere in our offices is the most important thing to us and our people. When you are happy, we are happy.


We work with clients who are looking for a full time employee. We do our best to ensure a long term relationship with client and programmer. Start or resume your career at Personal Programmer and grow in knowledge and salary.



The communication is straightforward and open. My every suggestion is seriously considered and I have the feeling that I’m part of the decision making process and that somehow I contribute to the way the software is developed which for me is important because it brings me a feeling of ownership and pride in my work.…

Goran Dimitrovski
Rating: 5

I’ve been working in Personal Programmer since November 2013 and I have to say that this is a company where I felt a real professionalism from one side, and modern working environment and respect to the employees from other side. As an engineer of informatics I love to do a lot of research and use…

Jordancco Sevdinski
Rating: 5

I’ve been working for Personal Programmer since 2014. I was fascinated from the humanity and personality of the people who are the backbone of the company. I communicated with the client so close, we consider each other as colleagues working together to achieve a common goal, not as a client/service provider. I used to like…

Goran Peoski
Rating: 5

As one among the first and oldest in the team, I got the privilege to answer some questions and write small testimonial about the work in Personal Programmer. So guys, thank you for the chance to express myself and the opportunity to work in the team that we build together. Ever since I joined Personal…

Gjorgji Arnaudovski
Rating: 5

Michiel is a person very dedicated to the job. As an experienced developer with knowledge of various technologies, he is always there to lend a hand and offer guidance. As a manager on the other hand, he listens to suggestions from the team and understands developer woes.

Martin Nachev
Rating: 5

I’ve been working in Personal Programmer since november 2015.  It is very motivating to be appreciated as an essential member of the team, acknowledged for the efforts to get the job done while given the best support for continued personal and professional development. The communication with the client is excellent, I believe we have very…

Nebojsha Neshkoski
Rating: 5

How does it work?


Job Offers

Lead PHP Developer for American client

Lead PHP Developer for American client

About our client: Headquartered in El Segundo, Calif., Internet Brands® is a fully integrated online…

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Magento 2 backend developer

Magento 2 backend developer

Are you a Magento backend developer that's looking for a position where you can use…

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Python Software Engineer

Python Software Engineer

About our client INAIT SA, a startup company based in Lausanne, Switzerland, is seeking a…

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