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We do everything we can for people that want a fulfilling career in IT, from trainee to team lead.


We are always looking for new people to join our long term journey. Developers that are willing to commit their precious time in exchange for a fulfilling career in IT, with great financial prospects, always increasing in knowledge and experience, and to be working on interesting stuff with the latest technologies. Developers that are currently working with us check these boxes and have been with us for years. They are always part of company discussions (for example: how to change the office to make it more interesting to work there, after working from home so long) and are helpful with their colleagues to together make the biggest progress possible.


The first years in IT can be tough for inexperienced people. Most companies are not looking for long term investments of trainees, but at Personal Programmer it is our focus. The last ten years the shortage in developers is only getting bigger and to really change that is to give more people a chance to become one. We do this through our Traineeships.

We constantly advise our clients to open up job vacancies for trainees to focus even more on the future, and we’ve seen a pattern where we see this is finally being embraced. Currently we have around 15 trainees who got a chance at building up those important first years of their career and new job offers are opening up every week.


To show our admiration and appreciation for our developers we have a loyalty plan that lets you rank-up within the company and unlock new rewards. Rewards vary from cake to conferences, private health insurance to holidays. There’s always something happening and with each rank you grow towards our Legendary status.

Interested in joining our company?

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