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[closed] Front-end developer for a prestigious American company

The ideal candidate will have experience in the following areas:
– 2-5 years development experience with significant time spent on front end (xHTML/CSS/JS preferably in a LAMP).
– Strong communication skills.
– Experience working in teams.
– Familiarity and proven track-record dealing with Win/IE and other browser quirks in CSS and DOM.
– Familiarity with responsive CSS Frameworks ( Bootstrap or Foundation ).
– Working knowledge of CSS pre-processor languages (Sass or LESS)
– Demonstrated JavaScript mastery ( jQuery or Angular ).
– Demonstrated XmlHttpRequest mastery.
– Familiarity with XML or JSON as transports.
– Demonstrated DOM mastery.
– Demonstrated DOM Events mastery.
– Familiarity with Cross-Site Scripting issues.
– Strong understanding of HTTP.
– Familiarity with Source Control (GIT)
– Understanding of object oriented design principals and database modeling.

Are you interested in this job? Please contact Maja Palchevska.


Senior HR Manager in Personal Programmer. Responsible for coordination, administration and management of the hiring and recruitment process. Helping employees with career development and building a work environment where they feel satisfied and motivated.

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