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Crvena Voda 6, 1000 Skopje
[closed] Front-end developer for a prestigious American company

The ideal candidate will have experience in the following areas:
– 2-5 years development experience with significant time spent on front end (xHTML/CSS/JS preferably in a LAMP).
– Strong communication skills.
– Experience working in teams.
– Familiarity and proven track-record dealing with Win/IE and other browser quirks in CSS and DOM.
– Familiarity with responsive CSS Frameworks ( Bootstrap or Foundation ).
– Working knowledge of CSS pre-processor languages (Sass or LESS)
– Demonstrated JavaScript mastery ( jQuery or Angular ).
– Demonstrated XmlHttpRequest mastery.
– Familiarity with XML or JSON as transports.
– Demonstrated DOM mastery.
– Demonstrated DOM Events mastery.
– Familiarity with Cross-Site Scripting issues.
– Strong understanding of HTTP.
– Familiarity with Source Control (GIT)
– Understanding of object oriented design principals and database modeling.

Are you interested in this job? Please contact Maja Palchevska.