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[closed] Java engineer for American company

We are looking for a senior java engineer to work on systems supporting real-time daily operations for thousands of small businesses. Demandforce provides services used everyday by consumers and small businesses.

We are in middle of technology overhaul to move our monolithic java/jsp architecture to micro-services to enable us to deliver continuously. We believe in empowering developers to be responsible for producing high-quality code. There will be plenty of time to learn what makes you unique, but here’s what we know about you already:


* You like to develop, test, maintain, and support innovative software-as-a-service products
* You are interested in designing the scalable, reliable and secure software architecture powering Demandforce’s SaaS-based technology platform using a combination of Java, Node.JS and React.js
* You collaborate with peers, quality assurance engineers, and release engineering to ensure each release is successful.
* You like to work in all phases of a rapid product development lifecycle
* You are not afraid of a large legacy codebase, and are more than willing to contribute/improve the code overtime
* You are communicative with good sense of idealism and pragmatism
* The idea of deploying continuously to a site that gets a ton of traffic is more exciting than scary.
* You’re endlessly curious and thrive in an environment where you’re continually learning and solving new problems.

About us:

We are a fully integrated online media and software services organization focused on four high-value vertical categories: Automotive, Health, Legal and Home / Travel. The company’s award-winning consumer websites lead their categories and serve more than 100 million monthly visitors, while a full range of web presence offerings has established deep, long-term relationships with SMB and enterprise clients. Our powerful, propriety operating platform provides the flexibility and scalability to fuel the company’s continued growth.