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Crvena Voda 6, 1000 Skopje
Java programmers

As a JAVA programmer at our client you will be working on a new generation of e-business software. You do that with a team of experienced professionals.

RightClick is an innovative CMS and E-business platform where hundreds of small and large (prestigious) webshops run. The platform annually processes 100,000 orders and accounts for 100 million + turnover. There is so much to ask of the RightClick platform. Scalability, manageability and robustness are some unique features. Furthermore RightClick excels marketing applications. Thus, the platform has an integrated e-marketing module and an innovative ‘What You See is What You Get’ page editor that makes child’s play of designing web pages.

You work in an expert team of experienced programmers on a new platform. The Agile development methodology is the basis for our work. You think with functional designs, direct your own R & D and program independently. You work from Skopje in a team of professionals from Amsterdam.

– 2 years + experience in JAVA
– Affinity with Web applications
– Academic thinking and working
– Thorough knowledge of SQL, XML
– Good communication skills

– Knowledge of jQuery, DHTML and / or CSS
– Knowledge of HTML and XML
– Knowledge of Internet protocols (HTTP / SMTP / DNS)
– Knowledge of version control systems (Subversion, CVS or SourceSafe)

Interested? Are you interested in this job? Please call Kristina Ilievska 00 38971 383 575