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Crvena Voda 6, 1000 Skopje
Personal Programmer new collaboration

Since january of 2016, Personal Programmer has started a collaboration with a local partner from The Netherlands. A company that is helping the big corporates to find quality programmers from abroad.

In The Netherlands, through Personal Programmer, Macedonia is now being acknowledged as a country which has increasingly more qualitative and dedicated programmers. Even the big corporates are now showing interest towards Macedonia. Think about companies like IBM or KLM who are always in need of great programmers.

We are already in talks with some very interesting potential clients who are opening up their companies with lots of career opportunities for Macedonian programmers. Of course they will be hiring through Personal Programmer. So make sure you check back often to see what has been added. And who knows maybe you are next in line to join our family and be a part of our mission to become the number 1 employer in the IT sector of Macedonia!