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PHP developer needed!

We are Chartered Accountants and Tax Consultants. The company is established in 1994 and provides accounting and tax services. Most clients are small and medium sized business. The major part of our services consist of advice on these matters to the companies. So the annual accounts and tax returns (for all the existing type of taxes) are just the starting point. Not the end product (plus some additional advice) as is true for most of the accounting companies that work for the small and medium sized business.

Due to the fact that the major part of the business was advice driven excel based programs were developed to be able to advice clients on financial and tax issues. One of this excel based software program’s was developed into software (PHP) and is used by customers of HBZ(subscription based & SAAS)

Since the software clearly did fill a need of our customers and sales did well HBZ decided to separate the software development from HBZ itself. The subscriptions, the financial and tax services related to this software are now handled through a separate entity (HBZ Management Consultants) since January 2015 as is all software development. Sales will also be to Dutch non -clients primarily but as it’s universal software it will also be sold to other countries.

At the moment the software development consists of the further development of the front and back end part and development of the software itself. Around 10 additional stand-alone modules are made that can be used with this software and /or as stand alone. This software will adapted for different sectors to permit optimum use by a sector.

The other existing software designs on financial and fiscal matters will simultaneously developed in HBZ Management Consultants.

Meanwhile, development of third-party software has also started and the first assignment has been tested and delivered. More assignments have been given. These assignments mostly have much in common with the financial software and are a logical extension.

The common feature of the software is that the assumptions on the basis of which the software is developed is (sometimes very) different than in the main stream software.

What we are looking for:
– Capable of asking many questions and express how the data should be provided
– Understanding of the fact that the data, by means of the software, appear in both flows and stocks
– Understand how data is taken from a single database, processed and presented in a specific way in statements
– Have insight in processes that merge input data together to show results (in statements and comments)
– Changing algorithms in the software (bug fixing)
– Create algorithms for improving and extending workflow
– Able to customize Presentation Charts page (presentation and content).
– Strong communication skills in English.
– Pro-active
– Applications which process big amounts of data
– We transform complex financial data into comprehensible information which is tailored to the needs of the organization and her end users
– This platform is linearly scalable, fault tolerant, and available 24/7

Are you interested in this job? Please contact Maja Palchevska.