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Crvena Voda 6, 1000 Skopje
PHP developer

You should have proven experience in building complex Internet / Intranet applications based on PHP. Your obligations would include building new functionality with a mix of back-end and front-end tasks.
Knowledge of any framework (eg. CodeIgniter) is a must. Front-end web technologies like Javascript, XML or CSS, and experience with databases (MySQL, MS SQL) are also important.

If you are open to new techniques and practical trying in order to achieve
solutions, this is the right work for you.

Computer skills: PHP (including frameworks) / MySQL / Javascript
Education: University or college

You would work in an entrepreneurial company as a part of an international team of PHP programmers, two of which work from Skopje and 5 from Haarlem in the Netherlands. You will work together with them to develop our software product. In addition to the PHP programmers, there is also a team of 4 mathematicians-developers that focus on the mathematical part of the development.

About the client:
We provide a software product to customers in the energy market.
Customers can thus manage their portfolio of energy contracts, optimizing and assessing risks. They can also manage their power plants, transportation and storage of gas. Customers are energy suppliers, energy producers and large end users throughout Europe.

Interested? Are you interested in this job? Please call Kristina Ilievska 00 38971 383 575