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[closed] PHP web developer

Who we are

Our company offers a competitively priced range of quality hosting services since the year 2004. A regular, 250 megabyte, Shared Webhosting product would set you back around 10 euro’s a month.

We set a new pace at the time, by offering these services for a groundbreaking 1 euro a month. Anno 2016 we still stick to the philosophy of adding as much value as possible for our competitively priced products.

We have build up a solid base of over 45.000 satisfied customers in the last decade, registered around 80.000 domain names and we host over 100.000 websites within our infrastructures. Cool figures, but what matters the most is the large group of loyal customers who, after 10 years, are still with us today.

What are your tasks?

* Managing and maintaining further development of our custom built control panel and other internal panels.
* Analyzing and automating administrative and technial processes.
* Managing and maintaining software that’s largely responsible for running our services.

As a developer you’ll naturally fill an important position within the organization. The software that you’ll work on is being used by thousands of our customers daily and is for a large part responsible for keeping our services running the way they should.

The focus of this position will lie mostly on back-end development, although knowledge and experience of front-end development definitely wouldn’t hurt.

Our development team consists of five young people with an average of 25 years old, who love technology. We would prefer to daily use the newest available technology and versions of the frameworks and software used by us. If this cannot be, for pragmatic reasons, we will at least explore these techniques and stay informed. Most of us learned our knowledge of technology ourselves. In addition, our interest does not stop at the end of the workday. Because it stays cool stuff to work with!

Who are we looking for?


* You have good communication and social skills and able to apply these in the form of correct communication towards customers and colleagues.
* You know how to think from a practical point of view and are able to take requests and transform them to useful and user friendly software.
* Knowledge of the Linux operating system and web applications on related software for this platform is an advantage. We are an open source and Linux-oriented business.


* Experience in building and communicating with and API’s in JNSON RPC, XML RPC is a plus.
* You have broad experience with PHP5, know the default functions and you’re familiar with todays best practices.
* You have experience in working with (PHP) frameworks and MVC and accumulated software. We work with the Laravel framework (5.X) so this is something you need to be accustomed with or able to learn it quickly.
* We try to keep the generated code organized to adhere to the PSR-FIG recommendations, it’s fine if you already have experience with this.
* For front-end development, we use Bootstrap (3/4), angularjs, Gulp and Sass.
* All of our version maintenance is through Git, you have to have at least a reasonable experience with this.
* You have extensive experience working with (MySQL) databases. In addition, you must have knowledge or experience with database abstraction layers.