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[closed] Python developer wanted

About the project
We develop tools which help e-commerce companies to run their Google AdWords advertising in an optimal way. We automate creation, management and optimization of AdWords. Currently, our tools are used by our consultants and not by the end customers.

The goal of the new project is to create a smart(er) tool wich will allow our end customers to use the tools by themselves. This tool will be focussed on optimizing specific part of AdWords and visualising actionable insights which can be computed from the historic data using statistics and machine learning.

The new team will be responsible for the development of the new smart system which will allow our end client to use the tool by themselves.

Required skills and experience Education (all)

Scientific education (master’s degree) in mathematics, computer science or closely related.

Soft skills (all)

Excellent English communication oral and written.
Pro-active approach to the project, provide ideas about improvement of oursystem).

Data science skills (phase 1)

Considerable experience (we expect 4 years) in statistics, machine learning or datasegmentation/classification algorithms.

Tech skills (phase 1-2)

Considerable experience (we expect 4 years) in Python, PostgreSQL and Linux.

Experience (all)

You have successfully completed comparable projects before.
You have worked as a remote team member before.

Big plusses and nice to haves

Experience with API is a plus (phase 1-2):
AdWords API is a plus.

Experience with frontend web development is a plus (phase 2+3):
jQuery, CSS, Javascript, REST and web development in general.
Familiar with oAuth, Cross-Site Scripting and web security in general.

Experience with data mining (prototyping) tools (phase 1):

Technologies we currently use:

Dev stack
Python 3
AngularJS, HTML, CSS, jQuery
PostgreSQL & SQLalchemy
Ubuntu Linux
LXC and virtual machines

Dev tools


Google APIs

Analytics APIs
AdWords APIs

Data Mining tools