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Referral Program

Our colleagues have always been very helpful in bringing in new talent to the company and we would like to reward them for it. Because of this, we created the Referral Program.

The Rules

1. Find a mid-level or senior developer who agrees to participate in the recruitment process at Personal Programmer.  Ensure they have not been in contact with HR within the last two months.
2. Email the candidate’s CV to HR.
3. Complete the referee and referral details on the blue referral voucher. Alternatively, request assistance from HR to fill it in.
4. If the candidate, upon signing, remains employed at Personal Programmer for a minimum of 6 months, you will receive the promised reward. For further details regarding specific rewards, please consult HR.
5. If, after three months from the completion of the recruitment process the referred candidate participated in, they are not hired, they will not be considered as a referral for future recruitment efforts.

All other ways of giving details and names of ex-colleagues, people you want to work within Personal Programmer, suggesting someone you heard is a good developer and so on would be considered a recommendation, and not a referral.