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Referral Program

Our colleagues have always been very helpful in bringing in new talent to the company and we would like to reward them for it. Because of this, we created the Referral Program.

The Rules

1. Find a mid-level or senior developer that agrees to take part in a recruitment process in Personal Programmer, that hasn’t been in contact with HR in the last two months
2. Send the candidate’s CV by e-mail to HR
3. Fill in the referee and the referral details on the blue referral voucher (or ask us to fill it in for you).
4. If the candidate works in Personal Programmer at least 6 months you would be awarded the promised price (for more information about the specific rewards ask HR).
5. Three months after finishing the recruitment process that the candidate was referred to (without being hired in the end), he/she would not be considered as a referral in future recruitment.

All the other ways of giving details and names of colleagues, people you want to work within Personal Programmer, suggesting someone you heard is a good developer and so on would be considered a recommendation, and not a referral.