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Crvena Voda 6, 1000 Skopje
[closed] Three.js / webGL developer with at least 1 yr experience

What kind of person are we looking for?
We are looking for a Javascript developer with at least 1 year experience in Three.js / webGL.

Someone that wants to join a team of four people already working for our client. Are you ambitious to learn more about Javascript and work on interesting projects then this might be the job for you.

Javascript Requirements

– Node.js
– Three.js with WebGL (Shraders / Renderers / OrbitControls / VolumetricSpotLightMaterial)
– Fabric.js (or Pixi.js, A-Frame)
– Tween.js
– jQuery.js
– Bootsrap.js (other UI libraries like: circular-progress, context-menu, sorting/ordering UI elements, etc)

About our client

Our client develops internet concepts. In addition, they have several webshops under their care and they grow quickly.
Our client stands for progress through movement. Their company name reminds them every day that they must continue to innovate, invest and create so that they can realize the future vision of their company. They are currently working with a team of four in Skopje Macedonia.

About Personal Programmer

We are a nearshoring company that help Macedonian developers to find
their dream job working for an international client. A job where you
can grow as a developer, and get the most out of your working life
whilst enjoying every day you come to our office.

We give you the best working atmosphere possible in one of our Skopje
based offices. Working alongside other developers who all have their
own client. We have an ocean based setup where everyone works in the
same office space. Our HR is solely focussed on making you feel at
home at our office and in your job. We help with communication towards
the client if needed and advise on salary and other work related
subjects. At Personal Programmer you are in good hands and we are
looking forward in welcoming you to our family.