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[closed] Looking for an Android developer!

Yes we are looking for you. You surfed to this page so you must be looking for an Android job. Well, it’s your lucky day :-). We can offer you just that and even more. We only need 90 seconds of your precious time to convince you. Tick. tock. Here goes!

We’re looking for a full-time Android developer that will be incremental in creating our cutting-edge app. You can be at the very start of a product that has a big chance of becoming the number 1 app for our target group. We can take one big overlooked industry by storm if we execute properly. Sounds pretty stealthy, right?

Interested? This is what we look for:

– Love for Android
– rest-API
– Analytical mindset
– Collaborate with our designers
– Able to clearly communicate your solutions
– Deliver exceptional and readable code
– Genuinely enjoy your craft
– Take initiative