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Crvena Voda 6, 1000 Skopje
[closed] PHP developer for company founded in 1867

About the company

Kabel-Zaandam, a specialized service wholesale company in PERFORATED metal, WIRE MESH and
EXPANDED metal, is a modern and solid company that was founded in 1867!
We keep a particularly large stock of Perforated metal, Wire mesh Expanded metal, Non-Ferrous en
Stainless Steel semi-finished products and distribute daily throughout Europe. Within 24-hours in the
entire Benelux. In other European countries within 48-hours if required.
Our specialism manifests itself in our fast supply, advise on applications, sourcing knowledge and
extensive experience and know-how of the processing of these metal products. Our in-house
production offers you amongst others; -cutting, -bending, -welding, -plasma-cutting, -punching, –
rolling -and stretching services.

For instant advise or detailed information we have, besides our departments that sell the standard
products out of our Stock, a number of specialist business units: Sieves and Filters for the Filter
industry, Special Products for other products made of metal, especially for the Building industry.
Within this department the Metal for Architecture and Design unit supplies a range of unique
aesthetic design metals.

We believe that Quality is a Mentality and consequently have an ISO-9001 certificate since 1996. A
result of our consequent quality policy in which our knowledge, experience, technique and
organisation are continuously reviewed in order to reach our objective….. a satisfied customer.
Our facilities covering over 8000 m2, perfectly located next to the ring of Amsterdam, are equipped
with modern means to guarantee an adequate logistical process.

The culture within our company is relaxed, but with discipline. We like to make some jokes now and
then, but the product must be good and on time. So when the time is short, we can be very serious
as well. We are with approximately 50 people. We know each other on a personal level and we are
not afraid of cleaning up somebody else’s mistake.

About the project(s)
– What kind of projects the developer(s) will work on? Company website / webshop
(replacement of current website) and after that maintaining website + developing website in
after live stage + developing software for process enhancement within the company
– What will be the ratio of the Front End and Back End tasks for the developer? Maybe 60 / 40

About the processes
– What software development processes/methodologies do you use? Sprints planned in Jira
– How do you set the tasks to the developer? Jira and skype conferencing + google docs
– How do you measure performance of the developer? Jira

What will you be doing?

The projects will consist out of finishing a very large website / webshop development project
together with a team that is already on that project. After that you will be working sometimes alone
on improving the website and maybe sometimes together with another developer, based on the
particular project. A Product owner within the company will brief you with descriptions and mock-
ups of the required software product. We expect you to code following the rules and know Object Oriented Programming. Your tasks will exist out of developing with an architectural overview and
testing your own work. The company works with clear descriptions in English and mock-ups which
together will form the “design”. Part of that description will be available before the project starts, togive you a certain idea of the project. The other part of the description will be made on a weekly
basis by the product owner, based on weekly sprint meetings. Technical translations of these designs
need to be made by you before coding.

We’re using Agile. We’ve got 1 weeks sprints and before each sprint we will discuss priorities and
content of issues. Further we will have / create a backlog in Jira and use task tracking system and
daily standups.

What qualifications are we looking for?

– Minimum 8 years of relevant experience with php
– Experience in frontend development
– Experience with databases (mySQL)
– Experience with XML connections
– Experience with HTML/CSS and AJAX
– PHP skills, Laravel framework knowledge
– Knowledge of VUE.js
– CSS/LESS with compiling tools like Webpack.
– Knowledge of the MVC concept is crucial
– Knowledge of job queues / asynchronous tasks.
– Good communication skills
– Good command of English

About Personal Programmer

We are a nearshoring company that help Macedonian developers to find their dream job working for an international client. A job where you can grow as a developer, and get the most out of your working life whilst enjoying every day you come to our office.

We give you the best working atmosphere possible in one of our Skopje based offices. Working alongside other developers who all have their own client. We have an ocean based setup where everyone works in the same office space. Our HR is solely focused on making you feel at home at our office and in your job. We help with communication towards the client if needed and advise on salary and other work related subjects. At Personal Programmer you are in good hands and we are looking forward to welcoming you to our family.