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Crvena Voda 6, 1000 Skopje
[closed] Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Every day we create inventions that help our customers to define new products and value-creating services in areas such as autonomous vehicles, healthcare and communications.

About our client

Iprova is a pioneering and fast-growing technology start-up company with offices in Lausanne, Switzerland, and Cambridge and London, UK. We are working with some of the world’s best-known technology companies in North America, Europe and Japan to develop advanced AI-based algorithms that enable the products and services of tomorrow to be invented faster and more disruptively than ever before.

Hundreds of patents have been filed by our client’s customers on their inventions, and granted patents based on our inventions are cited by companies such as Microsoft, Google and Amazon.

The Opportunity

Join our quest to harness day-to-day social, market, and technological signals for inventive purposes, even those seemingly distant from the target area. As Senior Machine Learning your responsibilities will include:
  • Keeping up to date with academic research and industry trends in Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL), and translating these insights into actionable strategies.
  • Directing the integration of cutting-edge data science research into production-level systems to meet evolving customer needs.
  • Architecting, building, testing, and maintaining comprehensive data processing pipelines, ensuring they meet high scalability and reliability standards.
  • Leading efforts to identify and assimilate diverse data sources, significantly enhancing our data analysis and insight generation capabilities.
  • Establishing robust MLOps practices for taking ML models to production, including ongoing maintenance and performance monitoring, to ensure continuous operational excellence.

Skills and Experience We Require

  • Master’s degree in Computer Science, Data Science, ML or related field.
  • Professional experience in developing and operating AI systems in production.
  • Advanced expertise in modern data engineering tools and practices, including ETL processes and data architecture.
  • Excellent understanding of ML systems and Large Language Models (LLM) stacks.
  • Deep knowledge and hands-on experience in Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques and their application.
  • Hands-on, strong programming skills with experience in Python, in particular modern data engineering and ML frameworks.
  • Exceptional communication skills in English, with a proven track record in leadership

We Value

  • Ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams to design and implement end-to-end software systems that incorporate ML/LLM components.
  • Proven track record of working with large datasets of text-based information.
  • A passion for pioneering data engineering and data-driven products.
  • Strong sense of initiative and ownership.

Benefits of Joining Us

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: utilise the latest tools and frameworks in data engineering and ML, and introduce new frameworks or tools relevant to our work. We are open to learning and value initiative. 
  • Inclusive Work Culture: join a safe workplace culture where we emphasise mutual respect , teamwork and offer support whenever needed. 
  • Flexible working hours: benefit from flexible working arrangements that prioritise productivity and work-life balance.
  • Real-World Impact: engage with production-grade software development, specifically for ML applications.
  • Skills Development: opportunity for continuous professional development in a variety of technical and soft skills.

About Personal Programmer

We are a nearshoring company that helps Macedonian developers to find their dream job working for international companies. A job where you can grow as a developer, and get the most out of your professional life and career, while enjoying every working day.

At Personal Programmer we encourage a hybrid way of working where we balance remote work with working from the office. We allow every developer to make the choice where and when they want to work. On our side we provide you with everything you need or expect from an office: a completely renovated, modern office in a central location, with multiple conference rooms, privacy for concentration during work and a whole floor dedicated to relaxing and enjoying time together.

We are, and have always been, a very transparent company where our developers have a lot to say. We listen. We believe in the positive effect of a long-term cooperation which, along with transparency, are crucial for a successful and satisfying working environment. We do everything in our power to make your job as fulfilling as possible. We provide great equipment and working stations, advice about work-related subjects and about your salary, which you may discuss openly with your client. Great benefits, including a loyalty plan and team buildings, are also included to make sure people stay connected and involved.

At Personal Programmer you are in an ever-evolving team and we are looking forward to welcome you to our family.


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