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[closed] Server-side Javascript (Node.js) developer

We are looking for a developer who can build and optimize server-side applications in Node.js (server-side Javascript). You work together with a highly experienced Dutch senior data scientist/developer who is also econometrist. Together you will develop new applications and optimize the financial models of our online platform.

You need to have knowledge and experience with
the following technologies:

From the start, the VALUEMAAT PLATFORM is designed with a separation between the platform (the front end) as the customer sees, and the VALUEMAAT SERVICE at the back, where the financial/valuation knowledge and models are implemented.


Microsoft Azure Cloud service infrastructure.
We use Microsoft Azure because:
The ability to deploy flexible vertical and horizontal scaling capabilities for both calculations and as data storage .
The geographical spread of the Azure data centers gives us advantages in the international rollout.

Node JS

NodeJS is the base of the VALUEMAAT SERVICE, due to the non-blocking IO characteristics and light-weight mode of development.

RESTful web services

The VALUEMAAT SERVICE is a completely stateless RESTful service implementation, through which we can scale horizontally without restrictions.


We use Swagger for the defining of the Application Programming Interface (API) of the VALUEMAAT SERVICE. By making the choice to use Swagger for defining the API, it is easier for other, third party, front-end applications to integrate with the VALUEMAAT SERVICE in order to be able to make optimum use of the implemented financial/valuation knowledge and models.


We use GIT for source/version control

Microsoft Visual Studio

We use MS Visual Studio Online Services for scrum management

The company

ValueMaat is a Financial technology start-up company with 3 FTE, founded 20 august 2015 by Rob Verbakel, Jelke Schaafsma and Eric van Esch. We are building a cloud based platform with business value management tools & services. It provides SME business owners with the ability to view and manage their business value drivers, financial forecast and business value in one place.