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Crvena Voda 6, 1000 Skopje
[closed] We’re looking for a medior / senior .NET Developer

As a web software solutions engineer you’ll be working on nice, challenging, complex custom built software and Orcion software products. All projects are developed using Microsoft .NET technology.

As a Web Software Solutions Engineer your main task is writing code. Your main responsibility however is building a solution. Therefore you understand the ins and outs of programming but also have a good feeling for functionality and how end-users think. You have an understanding of the full software development cycle and therefore you are able to make functional designs, design databases, design the software structure, write quality code, apply unit testing and test functionality. As a Web Software Solutions engineer you are involved in the whole process of software development to make quality software that is maintainable, scalable, well performing, stable and user friendly.
As a member of our Macedonian team you will work closely with both your colleagues in Macedonia as well as with your colleagues of our Dutch office. Therefore you will also occasionally visit our Dutch office.
Main tasks

• Web conferencing with project members in the Netherlands about functionality and technology
• Improve a functional design
• Design databases and set up software architecture
• Write C# code (Microsoft ASP.NET MVC)
• Write unit tests
• Test your own code and that of others (and review code)
• Organize your own work and that of others


• At least 4 years of experience in software design/development
• ICT Study – University grade (diploma)
• You have at least 3 years of experience in writing C# code
• You have at least one year of experience in ASP.NET MVC
• You have experience in using UML
• You have used LINQ and SQL
• You have solid knowledge of HTML and CSS
• Great social and communication skills
• You like to share your knowledge with colleagues
• You are assertive and proactive and are able to express your own (functional and technical) ideas and can detect problems and explain them
• You speak and write Macedonian natively and English fluently
• You are able to think about intuitive functionality and able to convert a functional design into a quality software product that matches the customer’s expectations
• Moderate to good architectural skills (e.g. understand OPEN/CLOSED principle and separation of concerns)
• You’re a team player and able to act as a lead-developer in a (local) project-team
• You are solution-oriented: understanding the full scope and have a problem-solving mindset
• You have some knowledge on how to normalize and index a database

About Orcion

We are Orcion BV, a young company with a strong growth in project size and complexity. We are a small team and have an open and honest attitude to ourselves and to our customers and are committed to a long-term relationship with our customers based on quality and trust. We are innovative and professional and set priority to quality. Our ideal working atmosphere can be described as informal and personal, sincere, friendly and humorous, cooperative, team-oriented and collegial. You will get plenty of room for your own ideas and your personal growth.
We currently focus on complex custom built software solutions for our customers based on the latest Microsoft .NET technology. For this we translate the wishes and requirements of our customers into a functional design and translate that into a technical solution that is future-proof. We also develop our own products that eventually will have to compete with major players in the industry.
Here we have a strong focus on responsive web development for the development and maintenance of large intranet, extranet and internet applications. One of our clients is the Dutch Pharmacovigilance Centre! With a fresh look and clever ideas, we want to go a step further than our competitors. Through years of experience, we have a lot of knowledge, which we can use to provide the best service to our customers. We always think along with our customers and strive for customer satisfaction in both short and long term. We want to ensure that every project and project phase is a good, responsible investment.
The core characteristics of Orcion can be described as transparent communication, high level of quality and consultancy.

Working for Orcion means working in a nice, professional company that is growing rapidly and offers many opportunities and challenges. Now and in the future, you can work on quality, in-house-developed products based on web and mobile technology which will compete with big players in the market. If you are ambitious then Orcion offers you plenty of room to grow and reach your ambitions!