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The Steps

When a client joins Personal Programmer we look for a programmer that is the best fit. We search in our database, where we keep a selection of the people that send us their CV, and we place the job offer on our website. When the candidate expresses their interest we send his or her CV to the client and start the selection process. In this process you will have a Skype meeting with the client to get to know each other and where they will explain more about their company. If both parties are interested we can test your skills in a small testcase. After that we go and sit down and discuss contracts.
From there on you will be a part of our ‘family’ and start or resume your career in programming!


COO - Responsible for transparent implementation of overall business strategy and operations of Personal Programmer Skopje in direct coordination with Personal Programmer B.V. Special field of interest: recruitment, managing human resources and career development of software engineers in IT organizations.

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