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Crvena Voda 6, 1000 Skopje
[closed] Assistant Recruiter

About our team

We are a small team, doing big things. Our current team manages everything we do and we take our job very seriously. Everybody has their own specialization but we help each other out with each other’s tasks whenever necessary. Like a family. In the meantime, we try to have as much fun as possible and we get great satisfaction from running this company together. We have a flexible hierarchical structure, no loans in banks or investors drive us, so this gives us great freedom in running the company and trying to stand out.

Right now, we are looking to expand the team with someone that would focus on recruitment, bringing new ideas and superpowers.

What kind of person are we looking for?

You are a good team player, your superpower is communication with people and you are open, transparent, and sincere. You understand the soft skills and technical background of candidates.
Resourceful, eager to learn, interested in continual personal and professional development and training.

What qualifications are we looking for?

– Source candidates using a variety of search methods to build a robust candidate pipeline
– Screen candidates by meetings reviewing résumés and job applications
– Recruitment and selection processes
– Interviewing and evaluation
– Working with HRIS (Human Resources Information Systems)
– Talent management
– Issuing job Advertisements
– Manage onboarding and new hire process
– Stay updated on recruiting trends, best practices and Macedonian legislation.
– Proficient level of English
– Good to know
– Social media promotion (giving ideas about social media job advertising and PP core values)

About Personal Programmer

We are a nearshoring company that helps Macedonian developers to find their dream job working for international companies. A job where you can grow as a developer, and get the most out of your working life and career whilst enjoying every day you come to Personal Programmer’s office.
However, for the time being, due to the COVID-situation, we allow every developer to choose if they want to come to the office or work remotely. Your health is most important in these times and for us, it is only natural that you be the one that makes the decisions about the office choice. We are and have always been, a very transparent company where our developers have a lot to say. We listen. We believe in the positive effect of long-term cooperation which, along with transparency, are crucial for a successful and satisfying working environment.
We do everything in our power to make your job as fulfilling as possible. We provide great equipment and working stations, advice about work-related subjects and about your salary, which you may discuss openly with your client.
At Personal Programmer you are in an ever-evolving team and we are looking forward to welcoming you to our family.

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