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[closed] Senior and medior PHP developer

We are looking for a senior and a medior PHP developer to work in Macedonia for our company in The Netherlands.

What you do?

• You work on the new and innovative development of existing and new applications by means of sprints in teams, which demands your full attention and constantly challenges you.

• You work on long-term projects in which you make use of tools, like Redis, ElasticSearch, NodeJS, Phing, Less and others. This gives you the flexibility to test and introduce new tooling. 

• In addition to fantastic code, you also write covering unit tests. This way you prevent a lot of bugs and you gain testing time. You releases are going bug free to the test environment.

• You actively think along with the development of projects and directly contribute to the success factor. This allows opportunities to be maximized. 

• You are an absolute team player and interact throughout the day. You know what is going on in development and know how to use this information for maximum productivity and satisfaction within the team. 

• You are fascinated by new developments and immediately spot opportunities in our development stack. You handle them pro-actively and share your results enthusiastically. 

• You coordinate a sprint from planning, execution, testing to the actual release to production and celebrate this with a drink with your colleagues.

• You work together with a team full of smart specialists. This way you do not only learn a lot – you are also capable of moving mountains and accepting challenges.

What your day could look like?

On Monday morning you walk into the office, you make a good cup of coffee (fresh beans!), and talk with your colleagues about the weekend and you look at the scrum board for the current sprint. You initiate the stand-up and start it enthusiastically: after all, the team is ahead on schedule! After everyone has started you begin with reviewing some pull-requests, you shortly interact with your colleagues about adding some unit tests and make sure the codebase is up to date!

During your lunch break you grab a bite at the office and you play a table tennis or pool game. Afterwards you merrily walk upstairs: time to launch the new release! Since you have automated that last month, it is only a matter of minutes! After some high fives all new features are live and an entire floor of colleagues can get to work more efficiently – they are very grateful!

There is only one issue with the new release, you grab a bottle of coke and find that performance bottleneck in the 15 million rows table. By the end of the day you managed to create a more efficient way for storing and you are able to do some performance tests. That surely looks promising!

Not to forget, at the end of the day we still have the brainstorm session with the project team. They need to launch hundreds of sites per day and would like to automate this process. To end the day in style we go for a beer in the sun (after all, it’s sunny outside), because the best inspiration comes during relaxation. In our opinion, a nice way to end the day!

We are looking for someone with…

• BS/MS degree;
• A strong vision on and passion for development;
• Minimum of 5 years’ experience in a similar position;
• PHP 5 (OOP, unit testing, etc) and MySQL;
• Knowledge of Symfony is preferred;
• Knowledge of designing and developing in HTML5, CSS en jQuery is preferred;
• Excellent communication / coaching skills;
• The drive to perform well and no 9 to 5 mentality;
• Fluency in English.

We offer…

• Not a job, but a ‘way of life’ at one of the fastest growing companies in the Benelux;
• An informal environment, in which you will be continually challenged to maximize your results;
• Lots of room for your ideas, initiatives and entrepreneurship;
• Many opportunities for growth;
• A salary that will make you happy;


Are you interested in this job? Please contact Maja Palchevska.

Kristina I. Kapsarova

COO - Responsible for transparent implementation of overall business strategy and operations of Personal Programmer Skopje in direct coordination with Personal Programmer B.V. Special field of interest: recruitment, managing human resources and career development of software engineers in IT organizations.

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