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Crvena Voda 6, 1000 Skopje
Senior .NET Backend Developer

Do you like to build software that is used all over the world by 100’s of thousands of users?

About our client

The GoBright Platform is a smart workplace platform founded in 2016. Originated from a great dream to make working at the office worldwide more effective, easier and smarter. At the office, our customers prefer to spend our time on positive things such as working with great customers, exciting projects and building relationships. They don’t want to waste our time on e.g. the endless search for available work / meeting places, unnecessary administrative actions or complicated systems.

This is what our platform solves, fostering collaboration and efficient usage of offices worldwide.

Do you like to build software that is used all over the world by 100’s of thousands of users?

Our Stack

  • .NET core on the backend
  • Angular on the frontend, Ionic for mobile development
  • Azure hosted
  • Microsoft SQL Server, Redis & blob storage for data storage
  • Automated testing, Automated builds, Automated deployments
  • ISO 27001 certified 

Your Profile

  • You work with the development team to develop our platform
  • Your work is used in offices all around the world
  • You develop stable, highly scalable backend services
  • You have a critical eye for our technical choices, such as architecture, tools and processes.
  • With your knowledge, experience and pragmatism, you can lead our team to bring new features and upgrade our current codebase. 

What we ask

  • That you can develop our platform with smart, structured and testable code
  • You care about code quality and enjoy coaching colleagues, to make sure we deliver the right solutions.
  • Because of your experience and personality you are a natural leader in the daily processes.
  • Your professional and intellectual capacities are at the academic education level
  • You have 5 years or more experience in ASP.Net Core API development with Entity Framework
  • You have experience with building stateless, scalable systems, e.g. on Azure services (web app, docker containers, etc).
  • You practice TDD
  • The Agile method is second nature

What we offer

  • A good, competitive salary
  • Working with the very latest frameworks at an innovative startup
  • Good secondary conditions
  • Work at home, or in our great office
  • Working in a team with drive and talented colleagues

About Personal Programmer

We are a nearshoring company that helps Macedonian developers to find their dream job working for international companies. A job where you can grow as a developer, and get the most out of your professional life and career, while enjoying every working day.

At Personal Programmer we encourage a hybrid way of working where we balance remote work with working from the office. We allow every developer to make the choice where and when they want to work. On our side we provide you with everything you need or expect from an office: a completely renovated, modern office in a central location, with multiple conference rooms, privacy for concentration during work and a whole floor dedicated to relaxing and enjoying time together.

We are, and have always been, a very transparent company where our developers have a lot to say. We listen. We believe in the positive effect of a long-term cooperation which, along with transparency, are crucial for a successful and satisfying working environment. We do everything in our power to make your job as fulfilling as possible. We provide great equipment and working stations, advice about work-related subjects and about your salary, which you may discuss openly with your client. Great benefits, including a loyalty plan and team buildings, are also included to make sure people stay connected and involved.

At Personal Programmer you are in an ever-evolving team and we are looking forward to welcome you to our family.


Please note that we will only reply to the applicants with suitable experience.
The information given would be used for recruitment purposes and by submitting, you consent to have your personal details used to process the job application. We will treat the information with strict confidence.


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