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We can all Make a Change in Time of Pandemic

Humanity is facing the COVID-19 pandemic. The virus changed the world as we know it and opened a whole new window of challenges and seeking opportunities for normal functioning when most of the countries are closed, most of the people isolated, quarantined and if possible working from home.
It is difficult to stay positive taking into consideration the defeating numbers of people who lost the battle, the newly infected people and the general statistics of the virus’s proportions.

However, it is in the human nature to adjust, to evolve, to be strong, united and to show solidarity.
Doctors are superheroes working endless shifts in research for a vaccine, better therapy and treatment. Most of the world is united, mobilizing and shifting manufacturing in the factories to produce ventilators and masks. Pharmaceutical companies work non-stop to speed up mass production and distribution of promising drugs that successfully fight COVID-19.
People contribute to the community volunteering, 3D printing, shopping for the elderly.
General mental health is addressed as never before. Open telephone lines, doctors giving online support, everything is about selfless help and contribution to the community.

The only certain is that what follows is uncertainty, but staying positive, thinking creatively about your everyday activities and business in terms of enabling remote functioning prevents spreading the virus. That’s the part where everyone can at least try.
Personal Programmer as an IT company supported the possibility of working from home before the current situation with COVID-19 and had already established basis for remote work, so we switched quite smoothly, but as a socially responsible company, we feel a duty to remind and repeat that remote work saves lives, so consequently we try constantly to improve the work conditions and quality while fulfilling our daily duties.

Not everyone has the expertise and knowledge to take part in the front battle line, but everyone can do a lot by social distancing and staying at home. Not only that we can all contribute, but we can make a big difference as well. Staying home saves lives, staying home equals helping the community. Doing nothing, only the essentials, out of our homes equals doing everything for the community.

We live in a fast world, stress takes over on everyday basis, things happen fast, they pass fast and it is time to slow down and do all those little things we secretly wished doing when busy. Use the time to enjoy with the family, if possible make a routine to work from home, try to keep up with the everyday work tasks, reduce unnecessary going out of the house, listen and follow closely the government’s recommendations, talk to the relatives and friends on the internet or phone, read, exercise, give yourself more hours of sleep…
In these uncertain times the only certain is that not being infected helps the community, so we can all make a change. We can literally be the change that we want to see in the world.

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